Grave Tiles

Grave Tiles 1

More from Ross Bay Cemetery – these images are from last weekend.  These are of a tiled surface on a grave.

You can find out more about Ross Bay Cemetery in these earlier posts.

Grave Tiles 2



Canon G15, 6.1mm (=28mm full frame), ISO80, f1.8, 1/640th top, 1/400th bottom, both +/- E.V. 2.0.



13 thoughts on “Grave Tiles

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    • Hi Karen, they are water marks, from slightly dirty water. But your mention of leaves suggests how this might have come about – I bet there were leaves lying here for a long time, collecting dirt and so on.


    • Thank you Toad. I am very pleased with how that camera is performing – it is excellent. Tomorrow’s post looks at it’s in-camera HDR feature which will likely be of interest to you.


    • Hi Melinda and thanks. The dark spots are sediment and I think they must be from dirty water drops that stand on the tiles – perhaps the tiles are slightly concave and hold the water though it could just be surface tension. It is a nice effect whatever it is.


    • Thanks Ken – there were several graves with black and white tiles, and I photographed others. But the shabby appearance of this one was by far the most interesting.
      The G15 is a point and shoot camera in the Powershot series. My wife received it for Christmas and since my camera is off at a music festival for a few days I took the opportunity to put the G15 through (some of) its paces. I found it highly satisfactory. It has full manual controls and many of the other features of a DSLR, including bracketing, wide ISO range, CMOS sensor, various timers, rapid fire shooting, RAW mode, really good image stabilisation, and so on. The lens is a fixed zoom 28mm to 200mm (full frame equivalent) zoom and is fast at f1.8 / 28mm and very clean. I could live with this camera in the absence of my 5Dii, or instead of for travelling.


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