Plum Blossom Macro

Plum blossom macro 5

More plum blossom macros from a few weeks ago, these are mostly shot at about 5X magnification.

I showed some other shots from our ornamental plum last week in Plum Blossom and last year posted high magnification of a petal from this same tree.

Plum blossom macro 4


Plum blossom macro 3


Plum blossom macro 7


Plum blossom macro 6

Canon 5Dii, Canon FD 50mm f3.5 Macro Lens, Canon FL Bellows, Canon Life Size Adapter, ISO100, 1/60th, f8-f16.




6 thoughts on “Plum Blossom Macro

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    • Hi Karen – Very spring like here – mixed weather, windy, rainy, sunny, warm, cold and blossoms everywhere. Great light a lot of the time, birds gathering nesting materials, teenagers cavorting. Etc.


    • Thanks Ken. That actually is my favourite but I wondered if it might be a bit too high key and soft focus so ended up leading with something a bit more ‘there’ if you know what i mean.


    • I should also say that I shot brackets as I have found that HDR can really help make these macro shots a bit sharper. But it did not work for these images for a number of reasons, especially compared to using these exposures. Most of them are the -2 EV shots with some adjustments.


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