Blind Couch


This is inside a cabin at the Friday Harbor Labs. I was just going into the kitchen for dinner when this scene appeared.

One should not neglect great shadows when a camera is close to hand. And Venetian blinds cast great shadows, frequently. When I was a kid, these windows had dark green roller blinds on them, so this is not an image redolent of my childhood, unlike so many of the ones in this series.






Canon 5Dii, Nikkor-N 24/2.8 lens, ISO400, various exposures .


14 thoughts on “Blind Couch

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  2. Such a simple concept at heart but that first shot is a masterful abstract – the best of the bunch. It never ceases to amaze me how we all continue to find images in the unlikeliest of places and incorporating the unlikeliest of objects. Well done.


    • Thanks so much Andy! It amazes me too, all the things I find people taking photos of; often they are shots I am pretty sure I would have been oblivious to.


    • Thanks so much Ken. I was very pleased when this scene sunk in. I had been working on the computer at right angles to this and had not noticed till I got up. I’m glad I did not miss it! It was the only sunny day we had on this trip.


  3. Did you completely miss dinner because you were taking pictures?

    These are very good – and I like the color one, with all the shades of blue. I also like the way the first two shots are NEARLY abstract, but the viewer can still understand what’s going on.


    • Hi Melinda – dinner was had. These only took a minute or two. The toughest part was keeping my shadow out of the picture, hence the awkward angles of a couple of the shots, not a lot of options in that regard. The shades of blue have a story too – the pot was made by my father, the cushions had been bought at the thrift store on one of the obligatory visits while visiting. My mother and I love thrift stores, so had visited when she picked me up from the ferry. I don’t think we bought anything else that visit.


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