High Chairs


The Funk and Junk store in  Friday Harbor, San Juan Island in Washington State lives up to its name in a big way.  These chairs were the first thing I saw that I really wanted to photograph in the store. Fortunately, the person working in the store has Hitty dolls and after I had taken a photo of the visit between countries, I was free to shoot these chairs, and a lot of other stuff in the store too.


There are a lot of chairs hanging from the rafters in this store, but the top ones were in a side room and had by far the best shadows.





Canon 5Dii, Nikkor-N 24/f2.8 lens, ISO2000, ca. f2.8, top: 1/100th, bottom: 1/80th, both +/- 2.0 E.V., hand-held



11 thoughts on “High Chairs

  1. The first view I had of the first photo showed the chairlegs touching the bottom of the screen. It stopped me in my tracks wondering what was going on. Shadows on the ceiling and all that made it so cool. A second later of course there showed all of the nicely balanced composition still very cool. The bric a brac last photo with all its detail is very nice including your signature that blends in with all the other interesting stuff for sale.


    • Hi Joseph – thanks so much for your comments. I now see the possibilities of that crop, with the chair legs ‘on the ground’ – quite disorienting when I scroll the screen just right. I have a few preset signatures in Lightroom – different locations and shades of grey. I was very pleased when I saw how this one was going to work – my best ever placement I thought at the time. Thanks for noticing!


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  3. This looks like a fun shop to visit and very photogenic. I love the shadows in the first photo especially but there is a lot of depth in the second photo that I like a lot.


    • It is both fun and photogenic. One can spend hours in here looking at all the small bits and pieces. For instance there are a couple of boxes of old photos. I rummaged through them looking for photobooth shots, inspired by Katherine at Photobooth Journal, but sadly none were to be found. Last year I got an African necklace with very large dentalia (scaphopod) shells, which we ended up giving to a Haida friend who was being made a Chief at a potlatch we went to. You never know what you will find, nor where it will end up – that necklace is now part of someone’s potlatch regalia in Haida Gwaii! There were two ‘mid-century’ chairs here this time, that if I we had brought the car would have come home with us, but not the kind of thing I care to carry on to the ferry, and through customs.


    • Thanks Melinda – those shadows are what made me point my camera ceiling-ward in this store. It is my favourite shot from dozens I took in the store. The blue pillow came from a real thrift store – this is an antique store in my way of defining things. The thrift store is much more hit-or-miss, but far cheaper. And sometimes surprisingly good finds.


      • I bought a postcard from 1938 when I was in Clovis on Saturday. It was addressed to Mrs. Salley Trappeman and said, “Dear Darling Wife, We are all OK here at Prescott. The trial is set for tomorrow and won’t get through till probly Monday, Ewing said.”

        And it was signed “As ever yours Arthur Trappman”

        (“Probly” is the way it was spelled, too.)

        (I laughed right out loud when I read it.)

        (None of this has anything to do with your blog or anything. But you “probly” figured that out already.)


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