Funk and Junk

IMG_3748_49_50Yesterday I introduced the ceiling of the Funk and Junk store in  Friday Harbor. Today I show how it gets its name with ….

… floor to ceiling funky junk and other cool stuff. Enjoy this HDR extravaganza! And, don’t forget to view the gallery below for larger sized images.









To view the gallery images full sized click on any thumbnail below, use the arrow keys to navigate and escape to return to this page.


Canon 5Dii, Nikkor-N 24/f2.8 lens, ISO2000, +/- 2.0 E.V., hand-held


19 thoughts on “Funk and Junk

    • Thank you Andy. My wife was hard to extract, but mostly because she finally met one of her ‘internet friends’ she has made through her dolls and blogging, who happens to work at this store. We always go to this store when in Friday Harbor, but this time we managed to be there at that same time as her friend.


      • I’ve just showed these image to my wife. If we were a car ride away we would be on our way right now! One for the bucket list if we ever make it back to BC


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    • Hi Toad – and thanks so much. I thought HDR was the perfect treatment for this kind of place, lots of colour, shadow, detail and a bit of grit.


    • Yeah, I agree. Not a lot of junk. My dad had a mandolin like that when I was growing up. It got driven over at a picnic, or similar outdoor get together and became a pile of splinters. Sad.


  2. The “defeated horseman” is a statute called “The End of the Trail” – the original is in the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City ( And there’s a very good chance that clown cookie jar in Back of the Store 2 is going to give me nightmares.

    This was a good series – very interesting to look at all the stuff in the store, as captured by you and your camera.


    • Hi Melinda – thanks for the link, the statue looked familiar, I must have seen other versions before. That is an interesting story about the statue, and kind of sad it never made it into full sized bronze. You don’t like clowns? Or do you think that the kind of cookies that would come out of a clowns head would be nightmarish in some way?


      • I’ve been to the Cowboy Hall of Fame many times (back when I worked with the cowboy poet) and of course, saw that statue. But never knew the story (which IS sad) until I was researching it today.

        Re. clowns: no, I don’t like ’em. Not one bit. And the idea of eating cookies FROM A CLOWN’S HEAD is almost too awful to contemplate….


    • Thanks David. It was fun taking these, and processign them. Even though many were taken at too slow speeds for hand holding they came out ok – a 24mm lens is very forgiving in that department.


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