Yesterday was all about the Funk and Junk store in  Friday Harbor. Today is a simpler post, of the building across Nichols Street. This building is under renovation and the other end of it backs onto an open spaced used by the San Juan Island Farmer’s Market on the weekends.

The building is called the Brickworks, after its former function. The Brickworks Project is going to produce a community space that has the promise to be of great value to San Juan Island – their web site says it is to be completed early June, in other words in the next couple of weeks. It sure is nice to see an old building being kept intact and re-purposed for modern needs.




Canon 5Dii, Nikkor-N 24/f2.8 lens, ISO100, +/- 2.0 E.V., hand-held (except lower picture had two images at 1/8000th, one of which I adjusted by 2EV prior to tonemapping).


15 thoughts on “Brickworks

    • Thanks so much Toad. The milestone is in no small part thanks to you featuring my blog in your Lightstalking articles – that always brings views, usually in large numbers, and some of those people stick around. So, thank you for that, it is much appreciated.


  1. Congrats your vision, photography and processing, and your way of looking anywhere make the blog totally interesting and the stats show a few more people feeling the same. These are beautiful architectural photographs. Love the light.


    • Thank you Joseph – high praise from you and is very much appreciated! I have been thinking it is time I found some consistency and “a thing” that I photograph, but your comments suggests that perhaps the eclectic is that ‘thing’.


    • Hi Lynn. These are HDR. I like it when I get that question, it means I have found a good balance between natural and emphasized. Yesterday’s shots were more HDR-y, but I thought that worked really well in that store.


  2. I’m glad to see someone putting a substantial investment in an area like this. I see a lot of new improvements like a steel roof and new sidewalk that are great for a community and the adjacent businesses.
    Congratulations on 100,000 views. Quite an accomplishment.


    • Hi Ken, tourism is very important to San Juan Island, and Friday Harbor has a lot of old buildings in the ‘downtown’ area, which are carefully preserved, or at least have a similar feel if replaced. I don’t have many pictures from the main drag to give you a sense of what it is like, but this is completely in keeping with the feel of the town.


  3. I woke up early and look what I found!!! Your ongoing support, all these views and comments, they make blogging a very rewarding experience. Thanks so much:)



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