Iris Bug IX

IMG_2371-Edit edited

I was premature in wrapping up my series on the bugs that are found on the irises. Just because the iris blossoms are done, doesn’t mean there are not bugs. I was using a high magnification set up on my camera in the early morning sun. The tripod was all set and everything ready to go for shooting iris leaf macros, when this guy landed near by. I completely forgot about the vegetation shots.

It was only a small adjustment to the set up to bring the fly into focus. It just sat there, grooming, as if preening for the shots I was taking. That is what is going on in the middle shot – it’s rear legs are or just have been rubbing over the wings and top of the abdomen. The top two shots are not cropped, the bottom one has a small crop. This was about 7:30 Monday morning. A pretty nice way to start the week.

IMG_2372-Edit edited


IMG_2377-Edit edited


Canon EOS 5D MkII, Canon FD 50mm/f3.5 lens, reverse mounted on extension tubes, ISO640, f-16, 1/250th. Processed with Lightroom 4 and Topaz Detail.



12 thoughts on “Iris Bug IX

    • Thank you Karen. I too find the close-ups interesting and surprising – hairs and often small patterns of colouring not visible with our eyes, and so on.


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    • Thanks David – they ARE wonderful greens. I had been going to just shoot those leaves up close, but forgot my mission after I got all excited about the poseur of a fly. They are lot like corrugated iron, but nicer.


  3. It’s a great way to start the week. I just shot a fly (handheld!) and I realize how difficult it can be. They’re fast and don’t usually sit still very long. These are very nice.


    • Thanks Ken. The main problem with this fly is the angle it was sitting relative to the camera – it meant a lot less of it was in focus than I would have liked. The first fly in this iris bugs series shows how depth of field can be a lot better just by taking a different angle. I was afraid to scare the fly off, so took what was offered.


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