Cat Number Two

IMG_2101_2_3 edited

As I write this, Cat number 2 is sitting watching me, tail wrapped around front feet, blinking. She is in the house, and satisfied. Cat number 1 is in bed, on my wife’s legs. She too is satisfied, but would not be if she knew that No.2 was so relaxed, and indoors.

No.2 is/was our neighbours’ cat – she came with the house when they moved in but has not been settled since they have an exuberant 4 year old, and the cat door was removed during renovations (not that she is likely to have used it with so much change) and she is in any case painfully shy. As a result, she has lived outside for most of the two years since her previous human moved into assisted living. We have made various warm places for her to sleep outdoors and tried to be friendly but until recently she has only timidly reciprocated, mostly when we are doing the feeding.

In this picture, which is from a few weeks ago when I was photographing irises in morning light, she is on our deck stairs waiting for me to come to her place and feed her (her family was on holiday). Apparently she was thinking about changing homes too. With the hot weather and open doors she has been in and out of our place a lot. A week ago she started sleeping here. And eating. And hanging around. And using the cat door. I guess she has adopted us.

Cat  No. 1 is unhappy about these events. There have been many vocal complaints, though no fights. No.2 is very non-aggressive in all encounters, so I think all will be OK. A reluctant peace is settling on our cat world. I hope the neighbours are understanding and happy that she will have a place to be warm next winter, and will still hang around their place, which is after all her prime territory. She should be present much as before.

It is ironic, and perhaps not unrelated, that within a couple of months of our sons moving out a cat moves in.


Canon EOS 5D MkII, Canon EF 100mm/f2.8 macro lens, ISO100, f2.8, 1/640th, +/- 2.0 E.V.



17 thoughts on “Cat Number Two

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    • Thank you Joseph, I am glad you like it. Both the cats like to sit in that exact spot. It gets the sun sooner than lower places and they can keep an eye on the comings and goings at breakfast time.


  4. A very natural cat shot – I love the framing. We don’t have a cat these days but many neighbours do and the relationships of cat/host/neighbour are very convoluted. It might be summarized: “breakfast at yours or at mine, or shall we swop hosts for a few days? I hear the food is good at your place”. Alternatively they actually steel each other’s food and enjoy more than one supper. The sad part is when they eat one of our birds, then I get rather cross.

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    • Hi Andy. Thanks for the comment. The framing kind of comes with the location, but I like the diagonal railing and the verticals from the potted plants. There was recently an interesting article on the BBC website regarding the territories of cats: In that study someone is following cats with radio collars and include also tiny video cameras on their collars, some of the videos are quite interesting, others kind of gross.
      The bird hunting problem is one huge downside of owning a cat. Our No.1 cat indulges only a few times a year, but she makes up for it with an interest in rodents. The new cat is known for removing bunnies from the gardens, and mice, rats etc. I expect she also hunts birds, but not voraciously like some cats do. Still, who really knows. Maybe we need a tracking device and camera on our cats to see what they really get up to.


  5. Before Emo, we had Blanche and Stella, littermates who grew up together. I always said Stella was my main cat and Blanche was my emergency backup cat. They tolerated each other but they had two distinct personalities, Stella being curious and adventurous and Blanche being very shy. Still, a good combination. They, like Emo, never went outside. If Emo wandered out I don’t think he could find us again because he doesn’t know what the house looks like from “the other side”.


  6. I saw 2nd cat at your place yesterday under the fig tree. You were all out. Also noted that the figs are nearly ripe (hint, hint)


    • Hi Val – we did find traces of your visit, sorry to have missed you.
      No. 2 likes to sit atop the fence under the fig tree. We might actually get a fig crop this year; often we don’t as it is just a bit chilly in this area.


    • Thanks Lisa, it was why I had stepped out the door with my camera. Which happened to still be set up for shooting brackets, something I would not have otherwise done for this scene, but it worked out just fine.


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