Nasturtium Macro


Like my recent post Nasturtium Bud, these nasturtium flower details are also lurking behind anti-deer mesh. Eventually you will see the mesh.

For now though, I am tiptoeing around the edges of that story – just because it is bedtime, this is quicker, and I just wasted an hour looking for an image that I must have lost, perhaps for good. So, I don’t have a lot of energy left for you kind readers. Hope you like this blaze of colour. Yellow and red, a fantastic combination in nature.




Canon EOS 5D MkII, Canon EF 100mm/f2.8 macro lens, ISO100, f2.8, 1/400th (top) and 1/640th (bottom).



25 thoughts on “Nasturtium Macro

    • What I have found with these shots is that my camera is not rendering the colours as well as I like and I have to adjust the luminance levels for the reds and oranges especially. Then they are more satisfying. But, macros work too, they are so in-your-face bright in colour.


    • Thanks Karen. I am surprised at the response to the second one. I would have sworn the first shot would be hands down favourite. But, it is a pleasing reaction because I like that one a lot too.


      • In abundance to the point that angry gardeners are convincing politicians that a ‘cull’ is required. Rather than find ways to live with them. The other day I watched 4 large deer walk about 5 feet away from me outside the window, step through the hedge into the neighbour’s yard and start browsing on some of the things not protected behind barriers.
        The deer mesh in the garden I have been watering is doing the job, the deer trim the stuff that pokes through the mesh, and pull a bit more through for afters, but leave lots for the humans.


  1. You’re right – yellow and red is an awesome (I’ve been hanging around my teenage niece) combination. I don’t think a monochrome conversion would do these flowers justice.


    • It’s very good for us older folk to hang around with the younger generation. I had my 20-ish niece stay for a week this summer. Her youth, combined with being French, made for a delightful time.

      Monochrome is not what these flowers are about. Ask the birds and the bees, the will agree.


    • Thanks Melinda, that is very kind of you, considering they are not even black and white!
      This morning is a great example of how WP no longer counts views properly. I have 21 likes (which is amazing for 7:45am – thanks everyone), but only 12 views registered. It explains why my views are declining even while my subscriptions are going up, but WP won’t acknowledge that there is a problem with their Reader format. In fact they had the gall to tell me, when I pointed out someone could reblog from Reader without even reading all of a post, that I always had the option of making my blogs Private. It takes very large ones to trot out that option.


      • Yes – so large that one would think trotting would be very difficult.

        I have the same situation re. views versus likes. The stats have been downgraded from an “educated guess” to a “guess.” I guess.


      • Guess is too lofty a word for it. From a data measurement point of view (not to mention the black box) it is the proverbial garbage of “garbage in – garbage out” fame. Meaningless.


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