Ocean Spray Macro


Ocean spray (Holodiscus discolor)  is a common shrub in this part of the world – a couple grow in my garden. This shot is from earlier in the summer when they were in blossom.



Canon EOS 5D MkII,  Canon FD 50mm/f3.5 macro lens, reverse mounted on extension tubes, ISO640, f-16, 1/2500th. Processed with Lightroom 4 and Topaz Detail.



8 thoughts on “Ocean Spray Macro

    • Hi Ken. My spray bottle?!? Trick or cheat? Hmmm. Actually, it would have been a good idea – theses branches were moving quite a bit in the breeze and a bit of extra weight would have helped slow that down too. And made for a more luminous picture.


    • Hi Ryan! Thank you. It is quite a large bush, and drought tolerant, at least the kind of dry summers we sometimes have around here. This one grows in an area of the garden that has ankle deep water in the winter after a heavy rain, so it seems to be able to take a really wide range of conditions.


    • Ha!. Well, you’ll need to look at the link, because I don’t have any photos of the whole plant. Or hardly any whole plants now that I think of it.
      Me and plants seem to commune through macro lenses. And this lens combination does not focus to infinity, or anywhere beyond a few inches come to that.
      Actually I took this shot because some of the flowers have tiny insects on them, and I was trying to photograph them, not very successfully. These are really very small blossoms. This lens combination runs at about X2 on a full frame sensor, and I cropped it by about 30% as well.


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