Seeds and Blisters

IMG_8252-Edit 774

These grasses are adorning the foundations of the Gonzales Hill Observatory. The photo was taken at the same time as yesterday’s post. The exposure was poor and not interesting to look at to the point that I don’t have a clue why I kept it. But it presented a bit of a challenge to see if I could recover what must have made me take the picture, and this is the result of those efforts.

Canon 5Dii, Canon 50/1.4 lens, ISO640, f16/640th, processed in Topaz B&W Effects



8 thoughts on “Seeds and Blisters

    • I would not have posted the original that is for sure! The painted wall came out well though. I should go look again and see if it is even more interesting nearly 2 years later, or cleaned up and painted. Possibly the latter as it is quite well maintained.


  1. Examples like this are why I almost never delete a photo – there are plenty of times a photo that didn’t stand out immediately turned out to be something I liked later on. Part of it is my mood when I look at the shots, I think, but mostly it has to do with my increasing skills with Photoshop.

    I am glad you kept this one: the wall’s textures are great and the grasses add to the overall composition.


    • The original was deletable – it was under exposed, rather grimy feeling. I was not sure if I could bring it back it being a jpeg, but conversion to a tiff and processing from there seemed to work out pretty well.


  2. I have about a gazillion (rough estimate) photos of walls with interesting textures, most not half as good as this. Don’t question your motives for taking this, just be glad you have it now. I also think that there are other possibilities for cropping if you ever wanted to play around with it.


    • Hi Ken. I tried a couple of crops, and might play with it some more. I cropped out a stem that goes in the opposite direction making a V in the grasses. But did not go much further than that. Actually, it was late, like right now, and I was just trying to get the post finished. My work is very demanding right now, combined with a busy social life with visitors and so on. Soon, things will settle down and I won’t be quite so slap-dash. I hope.


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