Beach Grasses


This shot is taken at the bottom of a circular staircase down to the beach below Beacon Hill Park. Other shots from this location, and the stair case, can be found here.



Canon 5Dmkii, Canon 50/1.4 lens, ISO100, f1.4, 1/320th.



10 thoughts on “Beach Grasses

    • Hi Melinda. This is the base of a slowly eroding slope next to the ocean. These are salt tolerant and well watered from the slope seepage so seem to do very well. Most of these are dead end of the year remnants, but there were hints of green all over the place.


    • Hi Ken. There was a series of clumps of grass along the beach edge and extending up the very steep slope a short distance before running into shrubs, and broom (which is in bloom). The clumps have a really nice rounded shape which is accentuated I expect by dogs exploring the slope a bit, and cutting trails through here and there.
      The light was very very flat but quite well suited to this subject. I took a lot of pictures, so a few more might show up around here sometime.


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