Ship’s Cat


Most of  last week I was on Quadra Island located next to the central east coast of Vancouver Island doing some planning for a research project I will be participating in later this year. This included poking around a few locations to get a feel for the area. One such place had a ship, a cat with attitude and a chair on a beached dock. What more could a photographer want?




Canon 5Dii, Nikkor-N Auto 24/2.8 lens, ISO400.



9 thoughts on “Ship’s Cat

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    • There seem to be quite a few in the northern Gulf of Georgia, used to be more to the south here, but the gentrification of the waterfront has probably pushed them out.


    • Hi Jane! Nice to see you around here again. The only other thing this photographer really needed was a pair of gloves, having left them in a bag at the bunkhouse. That is ice on the beach after all, and my camera is metal.


  2. There’s so much great subject material in the Northern Gulfs and Desolation. E.g., would that all cats on the Internet were as interesting as this one.


    • Good point. I will have to tighten up my writing a bit. We had a dog with us, a large one, it stayed well clear of this cat even though the dog is friendly to cats having lived with many. The cat was friendly to humans though, just on its own terms (another redundancy) as the ear in the top picture conveys.


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