Garden Décor V


More of the decorative features at the  Horticultural Centre of the Pacific.

I get the impression that there are two schools of decorator here – one that is solidly in the whimsical-bizarre camp, the other tending toward natural themes.

The former seems to be more productive. In any case, it is clear that people are having fun.

Other photos from here can be seen at this link.

To open gallery below, click on any image, navigate with the arrows and esc to return to this page.


Canon EOS 5D MkII, Canon EF 100mm/f2.8 macro lens.




4 thoughts on “Garden Décor V

  1. How can I have driven along Interurban so often without going to look at this fascinating place. Their web page doesnt say anything about it being a sculpture garden so all these interesting and funky creations must be accidental art. Am I right?


    • Hi Val. As you can see I am surfacing from recent events and catching up on my backlogged comments. I think they are very deliberate art, but made by volunteers or staff at the gardens for the gardens. I would not be surprised if there aren’t any anywhere else, except maybe that person’s own garden. It is really worth a visit, and I hear from my son, who has played some weddings here, that the cafe is excellent. So two reasons to visit. It is not huge, so you can get around much of it without a lot of walking.


    • Hey Ben. I am kind of with you on that front. I have a couple of clay sculptures lurking nearly unseen in my garden beds. Something like these might result in a visit from a bylaw officer, at least in the fussy municipality that I live in.


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