Garden Centre



More from a test series I have been taking with a new work camera. These were all shot at the Garden Works gardening store in the Blenkinsop Valley. I am liking how this camera performs.


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Olympus OM-D E-M1, m.Zuiko Digital 12-40mm lens, ISO200


6 thoughts on “Garden Centre

    • Thank you Lynn, what a nice comment! I probably disappointed you a bit with the lack of emphasis on plants. The garden centre aims, I think, to lure the novice or wannabe gardeners knowing the serious ones will zero in on exactly what they want, and if not found quickly move on to another store. Hence brightly coloured objects of gardening that lured this photographer. Garden stores are after all time spent away from the garden. Thanks for commenting!


    • Hi Adrian. It is working for me, though by no means smoothly as there is nothing familiar in the layout of controls with other cameras I use. I really like most things about it, but the electronic viewfinder takes some getting used to, even as good as it is. I am not sure I ever will get used to it. Also, the camera always seems active when turned on, even if screen is turned off and I am doing nothing other than, for instance, breathing with the camera against my chest. Each breathe results in very faint whirring sounds. I would guess it is focusing, or stabilising the (non) image, or something. Disconcerting, especially with the short battery life. But, the picture quality is very good, the focusing is amazing, the image stabilisation seems excellent, I love having a complete grid of focus points to select between, and there are a lot of other nice features. A couple of weeks with the camera and it should start to feel comfortable.


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