Blind Lines


More from the Olympus XA2 but this time along Meares Street, looking through a dirty window.

It’s the blind in a vacant office that is slumping and thus distorting the shadows from a slatted awning on the outside of the building.

I suppose you could call it a self-portrait too (but please, not a selfie).

Olympus XA2, f3.5/35mm lens, Fuji Superia X-Tra 400 film, scanned with Epson V700


7 thoughts on “Blind Lines

    • Hello smilingtoad – thanks for the love!! I am glad someone has commented on this post. I thought it was pretty special shadow play. Perhaps I could have done the b&w conversion a bit more sensitively.

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      • I could not resist leaving a few words. Pure art!! I agree, stupendous shadow-play. I would have been jumping up and down, cartwheeling, and behaving in quite a ridiculous manner had I come across this scene whilst out walking the camera. Superbly captured!!


      • Yup. I walked past it, a bit late for a lunch date, got around the adjacent corner and said “wait a minute” and swung right back around. I only took one shot though, which perhaps was careless of me, though with a point and shoot you get what you get (unless you mess with the ISO dial).

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      • Hahaha! How much this sounds like me- bit late, trying to walk quickly, but that pesky eye…keeps noticing fantastic scenes that MUST be captured.

        I think this was a marvelous capture, especially for a point and shoot. I am always looking about for such shadow displays. They are quite seductive, especially the emotion evoked, for me. A sort of calm, peaceful sadness- I suppose the sadness is evoked because shadows are such potent reminders of Time, as they swiftly morph and change as the day drains away. Right, enough babbling from me! I’m looking forward to discovering more of your shadow-work. Cheers!

        Smiling Toad


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