Breezeblock Gallery Redux


I have posted the murals/graffiti from this building before, but what I had not really realised was how quickly new art appears. If you compare the previous post with this one you will see how much it has changed in the past 18 months.

This is another set of images from my test rolls of film shot in the Olympus XA2. This film and camera combination is excellent for this type of subject (though the distant shot was quite poorly exposed and needed some work to be close to useable).

Inside this building is Gallery 1580. One of this summer’s installations was called Fragments. I suspect the picture below contains fragments of Fragments, on top of the rubbish bins.

The Taco Justice food wagon blends in so well it’s hard to tell it is not part of the building.






don’t paint the windows!! Oops.







Olympus XA2, f3.5/35mm lens, Fuji Superia X-Tra 400 film, scanned with Epson V700, processed in Lightroom 5.




4 thoughts on “Breezeblock Gallery Redux

    • Hi Andy – I agree, much of street art is just brushed off as vandalism, when it is so much more. Not only given the brush off, but the brush over, and quickly. I think at this location it might be part of the deal – a rotating gallery by these artists. They overpaint when their turn comes, or something. I don’t really know why I think this, other than it is an art gallery inside, and there seems to be consistency around the whole building (I have shown things from three sides here), as there was the last time I visited.


    • Thanks Ken – I agree, it is a great way to make an otherwise exceedingly dull building interesting. And the guys doing the murals are talented too – I expect there is some selection process going on, perhaps through the gallery.


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