Pub Tests


Testing cameras and visiting pubs seem to go together as if made for each other.

These three shots are from two different pubs that I encountered while testing the cheapo Yashica AF-M ii.

The upper shot is from the Irish Times, an expensive pub in the heart of the tourist section. I don’t often drink there as it can be crowded, often is noisy, and depending on what you drink, a bit dear. They do have live music though, usually folk and usually celtic.

The lower shots are from Christie’s Pub. I go there expressly for their Crannóg Ales’ Back Hand of God stout – one of my favourites not available anywhere else in Victoria.



These photos are from my week 7  at the 52 Rolls project.



Yashica AF-M ii, 38mm/f2.8 Yashica lens, Fuji Superia X-Tra 400, expired 2004.



8 thoughts on “Pub Tests

    • Well, that is a concern, I am sure 🙂
      In this town, many of the pubs have interesting exteriors, so perhaps that helps to control the wobblies. I should do a pub-exterior series! Not to mention interiors! That would be a fun project.


      • I haven’t done much in the way of projects lately and this one should be good and fun. The pub owners as well may appreciate a blog post highlighting their pub.


      • We could do a regional collaboration – you covering your area, me mine, and maybe meet for a beer and photo in the middle somewhere!


    • Hi Val. It does tend that way especially in lower light or when the exposure is a bit off. I have been adding a touch if yellow when scanning which is adequate for most shots. I only have one roll left from that batch, just when I was figuring how to handle it.


    • That pub is in a building that was built as the house of a local carriage maker. His business must have done very well as it is full of wonderful glass. The downtown pub is in an old bank building which is nice too, though heavily done over inside for more “atmosphere”.


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