Starkly Federal



This is the backside of the old post office building in downtown Victoria. Even though the building is pretty stark, I quite like the way it looks.

This shot was taken while testing the a Yashica AF-M ii plastic point and shoot camera.

At first I could not really choose between the black and white conversion and colour, but soon enough realised that I preferred the colour



These photos are from my week 7  at the 52 Rolls project.



Yashica AF-M ii, 38mm/f2.8 Yashica lens, Fuji Superia X-Tra 400, expired 2004.



8 thoughts on “Starkly Federal

  1. I like that building as well and the color image that you show us here, but I have to visit Victoria very soon now, since I have never seen the back of the building or at the very least have no recollection of it at all.


    • Thanks Joseph – I think this is Langley Street – there is a corner of Bastion Square off one end of the bulding, and the lower Yates parkade opposite the other corner. It is not really a standout at street level, but when you look up it has some interesting features. I don’t normally look up at buildings this grey and plain at street level, so it is only recently I noticed the interesting bits.

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