As was pointed out by Melinda Green Harvey (whose blogs are well worth a visit), this photo has all kinds of transportation in it.

The image was taken in a downtown parkade; I was kind of surprised to find a mural here. I very much like the colours of this film.


These photos are from my week 7  at the 52 Rolls project. Another view of this location is in that post here.



Canon Sure Shot AF35Mii, 38mm/f2.8 Canon lens, Fuji Superia X-TRA 400, expired 2004.



7 thoughts on “Transport

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    • Its placement in the parkade means that it does not get looked at. About 8 cars can park in the adjacent alcove and otherwise it is visible drivers descending from top floor in a spiral – the kind of driving that does not leave time to admire art. Strange placement, but perhaps a bit of graffiti proofing as it is at street level.


      • The secret here is that it is about 50m from where I get my film processed, which means I am sometimes poking around nearby trying to finish a roll of film, or loading a new one, and discovering little known corners. This was brand new to me a couple of weeks ago and I lived here since 1969. There must be so many things like this to discover.


      • And the way I found it was the adjacent brick church has scaffolding up in the gap between the parkade and the church and I wanted to look at it, so went into this alcove area, and spotted this mural, which was much better than the view of the church.

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