Steam Launch


Another small boat from the Classic Boat Festival of a week ago, this one is steam-powered. Steam engines are wonderful things to photograph. They have so many intricate parts, on display and not hidden under hoods, cowlings or decks.

To see more from this series, click on this link. My regular followers will recognise the stern reflection from the picture below as the source of the crops in this post of last week.









Canon EOS 5Dmkii, SMC Takumar 35mm/f3.5 lens, ISO100, 1/200th, ~f-8




19 thoughts on “Steam Launch

    • Ha! It is a great sized boat. I can imagine a nice picnic outing to Discovery Island or somewhere similar off the Victoria coast in this boat. But the engine is rather voluminous, and if you were burning wood, there would have to be room for some of that too.


  1. That has to be someone’s real pride and joy. I wouldn’t begin to understand all the bits of that engine, but it looks fantastic and so well cared for. You’ve done a good job documenting this, Ehpem


  2. Steam engines are among the most interesting propelling systems for boats and using a small boat like this should be an awesome experience. These days they run on anything but coal. Butane, electrical, denatured alcohol and other such fuels power the steam engine, there even are fuel tablets of some sort. Love your overall coverage of this event, ehpem, but this little steam launch is among my favorites.


    • Hi Ken, it is well cared for. I don’t know if the engine is original, or partly original, or totally new. Certainly lots of new parts on it as would be needed for an engine that old. I have seen this boat underway a few years ago, but it would be nice to see that again.


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