Canadian Waters


Another reflection from the Classic Boat Festival last weekend. I could not decide which way I preferred this detail from a shot of a steam launch, so you get them both.

And yes, I will show some pictures of the launch, it is a charming boat, with a small steam engine.


Canon EOS 5Dmkii, SMC Takumar 35mm/f3.5 lens, ISO100, 1/200th, ~f-8



17 thoughts on “Canadian Waters

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    • Thanks Andy. It is interesting that you (and Ken) are viewing this shot not as a reflection. The original orientation in the photo is the top one, though it also has part of the boat and the flag in it, so it looks perfectly natural in that context.
      The clouds were much nicer reflected then they were in the sky – they seem to have been stretched and yet also concentrated in the reflection compared to what I remember of the sky.


      • Yes,I realized that it was a reflection originally. Often, in my experience reflections have a habit of working unexpectedly well when they are inverted. You then get an abstracted view of the world in its normal orientation.


      • I didn’t think about an oily coating to the water.

        Uh…I meant to say, YES! It was certainly evocative of oily water, as one would expect to see around boats, and was therefore a symbol of the leisure-classes and their non-income-producing aquatic activities.


      • OK. I sense trouble. Like a squall approaching across water, lifting the surface into foam and spray, and ripping sails when it arrives.

        Something about the way the clouds reflect and the colour of the water reminded me of some kind of thick oil on the water – not a thin iridescence, not colourful, not classy in anyway. The kind one gets from dirty spills in a working harbour. In the places where the leisure classes won’t go with their boats. Like Victoria’s harbour was until a few decades ago.


      • I thought you were presaging a squall. All that battening of hatches, and shortening of sail was in vain. Oh well, I won’t complain.


  2. I guess I prefer the second shot. In the US, a flag upside down represents a country in distress and I can’t get that thought out of the back of my head. Still, a very nice shot.


    • Thanks Ken. I think the national flag holds a great deal more meaning in the US than just about any other country, and certainly far more than in Canada. Partly I suppose because we did not have a proper flag until 40 years ago, but also because we wear our nationalism very differently.
      Which perhaps explains why I was not even aware of that symbolism, though I should have my brain turned on a bit better when at a marina with yachting flags flying everywhere, all of which have encoded meanings.


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