Testing A Polaroid Pinhole Camera

Here is the companion post to my first post from today. This one has the same images as scans of the prints, and unaltered scans of the negatives. Today’s other post shows the negatives, many of them quite heavily edited.

52 rolls


This post is about testing a pinhole camera, an activity I started in week nine and finished here in week ten. Over the past few weeks, as time allowed, I assembled a Polaroid pinhole camera from various parts I already had, or which came available locally just when needed. If you are interested in how I did that, check out my post Making a Polaroid Pinhole Camera. The first shot was taken indoors and worked out deceptively well. The outdoor tests produced some very disappointing results, but I think I am close to understanding the camera and exposure determination now that I have shot this first pack of film.

The technical synopsis for this camera is:

  • 0.566 mm diameter pinhole,
  • aperture of f-327,
  • 185 mm focal length,
  • 35.5° angle of view,
  • built-in shutter with only a bulb setting – opened and closed with a cable release,
  • Polaroid Land 100 series film pack holder,
  • shoe-mounted view finder,
  • 58 mm threaded…

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