Redcedar Clad

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Here is my 12th submission to the 52 Rolls project. It is more from the Mamiya M645 and a companion to my last three posts on Burntembers.

52 rolls


I found a bit of an architectural theme on my twelfth roll of film which I started shooting a couple of months ago, and then finished off late last week. There were some nice surprises, barely remembered, from the first part of the roll. These three images are all taken in the Atrium, and relatively new building in downtown Victoria.

There are a couple of shots of another building from this same roll of film scheduled to publish on my blog at the same time as this one; you can see that post here.

I have recently posted a couple of other shots from this roll on my blog here, and here. Also, I sure do love the large negatives and how the colours are rendered on this expired Kodak Portra 160VC.

The Mamiya M645 Super is pretty much the other end of my spectrum of cameras from the tiny point and shoot…

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2 thoughts on “Redcedar Clad

    • Hi Val, I lost track of this comment somehow. I had not thought of that, but it was causing various moiré pattern issues in its electronic mode (you can see some of that still – especially on the left side). I wonder if moiré patterns could be treated as a proxy for seizures.


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