Lucky Thirteen


Here is my post about this week’s roll of film in the 52 Rolls project. I am all caught up now, I think.
So far this week I have shot 5 rolls – 4 at a concert. Not sure when I will get them back, but am anxious to see how they came out in those difficult conditions.

52 rolls


I am not a superstitious person, so the thirteenth roll is not giving me the tiniest frisson of fear. Indeed, I got married on the thirteenth 30 years ago; that worked out pretty well.

This roll has a variety of stuff on it. I have pulled out just the storm drain photos which is my favourite single subject for photography, and a couple of architectural shots. The storm drain has many faces, and can be difficult to photograph well, especially if it has people on it, so it keeps me coming back for more. If you want to see more of my photographs from here in all kinds of weather and lighting then check out this link which lists all the posts in my blog which document my efforts to keep track of the personae.


The bigger challenge this week was the film colour. I shot this with a Mamiya M645 Super using a…

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