Drain Guys



I seem to be on a bit of a roll lately with storm drain photos. Just making up for a quite a long time when it was neglected.

These three guys were hanging out drinking coffee before heading off to a class.

One of them was quite interested in my spot meter and how it worked.

I think maybe he was just trying not to be too aggressive when finding out why I had taken a picture.

There is no hiding the shutter sound of the Mamiya, even at a distance!

Another of them had a terrific tattoo all the way up the back of his neck and over the top of his head.

I had just shot the last frame or would have asked to take a picture of the pack of his head. He looked a lot as if he would say no.







This post is published at the same time as my Roll 13 on the 52 Rolls Project– that post has the colour versions of these shots, as well as of the pictures in New Jutland II of a couple of days ago.


Mamiya M645 Super, 80mm/f2.8 lens, ISO400, Kodak Portra 400.




10 thoughts on “Drain Guys

    • Hi Donna – thanks so much for the comment. I counted up my “storm drain” tags the other day and I am running at around 50 posts with this as a subject matter. I probably will keep at it, though I was very surprised there were that many of them.


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