Corrugated Test


This modern building shoehorned into the north end of Chinatown is another from a place I quite often test cameras.

In this case it was an Olympus 35RC which was a very poor buy.

It has a lovely lens as you can see here, but the light meter is broken and the silvering on the mirror is traumatised.

I knew the camera’s reputation, but did not realise how far gone it was – far gone usually means I can’t fix it myself.

I paid twice what I would normally expect to pay for a small rangefinder of this type in a random antique store.

But, I will certainly keep my eyes open for another, they are fine little cameras.

And I won’t throw this one away – perhaps even I might load another roll and shoot without the meter working.




Olympus 35RC, Fuji Superia X-TRA 400




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