Testing Borrowed Lenses

This post from 52Rolls contains the other half of the roll of film I used to test the telephoto lenses. The lead image really turns my crank, but there are several others in this post that I like nearly as much.

52 rolls


This post leads with a self portrait of sorts – I went out on the Ogden Point breakwater with a visitor from Northern Ireland a couple of weeks ago and the top photo shows our shadows cast on the water surface with kelp fronds just below. It is one of my favourite shots taken in the past year or so.  Other shots are from the breakwater and my garden. I have split the roll between 52 Rolls and my own blog and the others are publishing simultaneously at this link. That link also has some DSLR photos from one of the lenses.

This 23rd ‘roll’ brings photographs from a fresh roll of Kodak GB 200 that I used to test a couple of borrowed lenses on the Canon Elan 7N (aka EOS 33V in Europe).  The lenses are an EF 70-200mm/f2.8 IS II USM and an EF 300mm/f4 IS USM.

I have…

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2 thoughts on “Testing Borrowed Lenses

    • Thank you Ken. It pleases me to get these kinds of results. I was not sure how it would come out – I commented at the time to our friend that it was difficult to know how to expose for this shot.


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