Along the Built Edge


These photos are from a roll of film I mostly shot a couple of months ago when Melinda was visiting.

Some are at the perennial favourite storm drain, and others in the Chinese Cemetery.

Most of the the rest of this roll, including the best from the Chinese Cemetery, are at 52 Rolls today, at this link.


For the shot below I totally blew the focus but even so I quite like the dreamy look. It suits the subject just fine.

I tried to focus for the middle of the shot but I must have been set at f2.8 which is a very shallow depth of field on this camera.






Mamiya M645 Super, 80mm/f2.8 lens, ISO400, Fuji Pro 400, scanned with Epson V700.




5 thoughts on “Along the Built Edge

  1. I’ve seen this pier in some of your previous shots, I think? I just love the first one here, I can watch this for hours, it is so soothing for me for some reason…


    • You have indeed seen the pier in other shots – I am always taking photos there as I pass it nearly every day and it is always different. And usually peaceful too.
      I like the word pier – it is not used around here much for this kind of structure but it is better than my more functional term “storm drain” (there is a drain inside that discharges excess water of the streets after a heavy rainfall). I don’t think I will stop calling it a storm drain, since there are more than 50 posts with that tag now, but pier has crept into my mind thanks to my commenters from outside North America.


      • Thanks Mr E. I will check . I can see the preview with part of the photo in my reader, which is the same for all blogs I follow but if I click to see more, it takes me to the actual page and then the photo isn’t there, but everything else looks perfect. Must check to see if that is happening with other blogs.


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