Chinese Cemetery

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Here is the sister blog to today’s burntembers post – showing the best from the same roll of film in the Chinese Cemetery.

52 rolls


A few weeks back now I started this roll of film and only recently finished it off so it gets counted as my 24th roll even though some of the shots date back 8 weeks or so. These were taken when Melinda Green Harvey was visiting me from Texas. This link is to a post she did from the same time as these pictures were taken.

The Chinese Cemetery is a National Historic Site located a block from my house so I am often found there, taking pictures along the waterfront. This post gives some of the interesting history of the site, and has links to various histories.

The camera was a Mamiya M645 Super, the film fresh Fuji Pro 400H. I am very pleased with how it handled the sunset colours, I don’t mind the magenta cast at all, in fact I really like it. Some other shots from…

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2 thoughts on “Chinese Cemetery

    • Thanks for the comment geomack! At one time, the bones rested here for 7 years before they were gathered up and returned to the person’s province of origin in China.


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