Berries Flowers and Ektar

This post is my companion to today’s other post – the rest of the roll of Ektar. It has lots of pictures of my granddaughter and berries and flowers, and also a series of crops to show how fine the grain is. Click on one of the links to go to the post and see the rest of the images, or click here.

52 rolls


Its Week 25 for me and this is another roll put through Canon Elan 7N. I chose this camera because I trust it to make excellent exposures and I was testing my first roll of Ektar 100 which I hear is fussy when it comes to exposure. I shot it at box speed with a few made through a 50/1.4 lens and most with a 100/2.8 macro. I have split the roll between 52 Rolls and my own blog and the others are publishing simultaneously at this link – that post has some architectural shots from a winery as well.

These pictures are taken in my yard, with my granddaughter discovering the joys of salmonberries, a native plant that produces juicy and mild flavoured berries early in the spring. Salmonberries come in a couple of range of colour variations as you can see here. This roll is a bit sad…

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6 thoughts on “Berries Flowers and Ektar

    • Hi Alexandra – thanks so much! This shot was made with a Canon 100mm f2.8 lens and it produces great bokeh. And the way the film grain, what there is of it, smooths it out a bit only makes it better.


  1. Film still wins over digital for texture and a sense of the fragility of the flowers.
    By the way, we have salmonberries growing in a clump outside the back door to the Council’s headquarters in Lochgilphead and I walk past them every day. They are later to flower and fruit than yours.


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