Green Eye Macro



This wasp, or is it a fly in disguise?, was out back at my daughter’s new place.

I’ve not seen an eye like this one before.

Even though the original framing is very nice the insect is so interesting it deserves a closer view or two (or three).

It is a really sharp image so can withstand the cropping, which is not always the case in these parts.








Canon EOS 5D MkII, Canon 100/f2.8 macro lens, ISO200, 1/6400th, f2.8, -1.0EV.



7 thoughts on “Green Eye Macro

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    • Thanks Ken. Handheld and the daisies were blowing about in the wind while crouched a bit shakily. Luck to hit focus and a very fast shutter to still things down. That is also one reason it is not as close as the lens allows (1:1) since with a moving subject that close focus is pure luck. F2.8 was maybe not a great choice but it did give me the shutter speed. Always a compromise. Nice rusty farm equipment in background helped too – i was tucked in close to get out of wind a bit and the background colour is lovely.


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