Half-frame Possibilities

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Half-frame photos from the same roll of film featured in today’s other post, most of these without colour treatment. Trying to show some of the creative ways to use a half-frame camera, in this case an original Olympus Pen.

This photo is the storm drain, a favourite of Melinda Green Harvey’s. I suspect the reason she comes to visit Victoria is not so much to see me as to see the storm drain. She loves rectangles too. So, this shot is for her – the storm drain rendered as rectangles.


52 rolls


I have been out of town for a couple of weeks, off to work in the utter wilderness of the west coast of Gwaii Haanas. I did shoot a bit of film on that trip, but it is still waiting scanning, and I have other films shot earlier that really should show up here first, if one cares about order.  So for Week 26 I am showing some of the half-frame photos I took with my original Olympus Pen, shot on Neopan Acros 100 a few weeks ago. You can find out more about my camera here – it has no light meter (these were shot with the Sunny 16 rule), zone focusing, only two working shutter speeds (of the four) and a terrific D. Zuiko 28mm f 3.5 lens. It is the camera that got me back to shooting film – I found it in a thrift store…

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4 thoughts on “Half-frame Possibilities

    • Hi Katherine – glad you like the results. I would not be surprised if photobooths had some odd frame sizes. Whatever happened to all the film they shot, or did they expose right onto paper somehow?


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