Today I have been married for thirty years.

Which is a long time, though it does not seem that way.

When we were newly married, my wife declared the whole point of having children was in order to have grandchildren.

So, to mark another decade of marriage, here she is with our granddaughter.

They are examining a doll’s house that the little one discovered in a corner of her new garden.

As it happens the house is just the right size for the Hittys who somehow have come to occupy a part of all our lives.

Hittys, I will have you know, were not mentioned when we first married.

And yet there are now more of them in this household than all the generations of living humans in our family.


Canon EOS 5D MkII, Canon 100/f2.8 macro lens, ISO200, 1/1000th , f2.8, -1.0E.V.



19 thoughts on “Thirty

  1. Congratulations, and I hope the next 30 years are just as sweet. Great photo. I also follow the Hitty blog, with great delight.


    • Thanks vfeddema, I’m glad you like the photo – it is a variation on the through a grubby glass theme that also developed on this visit, just through a layer of something other than glass and grub.

      If you follow the quimperhitty blog, then you know just how up to the neck in Hitty’s it is around here.


  2. Congratulations! We celebrated 23 this year! Hittys in our house are a given and your wife has quite a talent with the needle AND with story telling!


    • Hi Erin – thanks so much. Hittys have become a given around here – in the house, in a pocket, in the car cupholders (the ones with a good view out the window), in my camera bag or vest pocket when doing field work and on most flat surfaces in the living room. I won’t say they are underfoot, since they mostly stay off the floor, but they do seem to be everywhere.


  3. Belated congratulations to both of you! Funny how it seems that time often seems to have gone faster when we look back than when we look forward… In Sweden we say that grandchildren are the dessert in life, the sweet that you enjoy after the meal. I like that metaphor, and for what I hear from grandparents, it is true.!


    • Thankyou galeriaredelius – my wife got along extremely well with her Swedish grandmother who lived with them when she was growing up. Which is the source of her thoughts on having grandchildren/being a grandparent.


    • Thanks Val! Still more Hittys than there are cameras, but just barely. Hittys take up less room, except they have a lot of accessories, like a butcher shop. And they want to be out in the main living areas watching what is going on. The cameras are content with darker shelves, so long as they get to make pictures now and then.


    • Well, the best way to find out is to click on the link in the post, that will take you to a post about that little log cabin found in the bushy corner of the garden!


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