Half-frame Waterfront



Today’s post has variations on a half-frame diptych shot with my Olympus Pen along the Dallas Road waterfront. The camera is flipped between the shots. I have previously shot this kind of sky in the same way, so some of you that have been around for a while will find these images familiar.

I find that colouring the images, or presenting them as a negative rather than positive, helps to make them more abstract. I like that they are abstract. For more images from this roll of film, see my post at 52Rolls.net here, published simultaneously with this one.







These continue my series of half-frame photos from the Pen. These are adjacent shots on the film-strip, taken as multiple frames with the intent to scan as single images.


Olympus Pen half-frame camera, 28mm 3.5 lens, Neopan Acros 100.



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