Testing a Minolta AF-S

This is my 27th post at 52 Rolls, which means I am more than half way through the project. It is the companion to my other post from this morning, and for the next few days as well.

Here at Burntembers I am running black and white conversions of images from the same test roll, even though it did have some luscious blues and greens in the underexposed originals.

52 rolls

2015-MinAFS-001-014Today’s post for my 27th week includes frames from a couple of rolls of film used to test a Minolta AF-S. I picked it up for a few dollars in a thrift store and it turned out to not work as expected due to significant under exposure, but I have worked out how to use this camera if I choose to run more film through it.

The Camera

The AF-S is the quiet version of this camera, and by quiet I mean it does not speak to you like the AF-Sv or “Talker” (the ‘v’ stands for Voice). This is a good thing in my books, though I think there is more of a market and thus higher value for the AF-Sv just for the curiosity factor. The AF-S is distinguished from the AF-Sv by the blue stripe on the side (vs red on the talker) and the letter “v” under the Auto…

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