Makituk Pingwartuk – Small Seal

Makituk_Small_Seal (2)

This is the smallest seal made by Makituk Pingwartuk, of Kingnait (Cape Dorset) that is in the family. It is about the size of my thumb. It is solid construction (no hollow).

Makituk told my wife, when she gave a similar seal to her (which we are unable to locate at this time), that it was a seal in ice, poking its head up through the blow hole.

This piece is not signed.

  • Height (head to tail) – 2 ¼ inches (5.8 cm)
  • Width (side to side) – 1 ¾” ( 3.3 cm)
  • Thickness (anterior to posterior) – 1 ½ inches (3.1 cm)

This is part of a series that details the collection of my wife’s family, made while they too lived in Nelson and were friends with Makituk. More information about Makituk and this collection can be found in my initial post in this series, at this link.

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Makituk_Small_Seal (1)


Makituk_Small_Seal (10)


Makituk_Small_Seal (8)


For larger views open gallery below by clicking anywhere in it and navigate with arrows.

All images in this post and series are copyrighted and may not be used without permission except by Makituk’s family members, though we would love to hear from any family that choose to contact us (contact:


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