Street Scene




I was taking photographing a very stripey awning on the other side of the street.

When I turned around and saw the far side of the street I had to get a picture of someone walking through this scene, which meant standing in the road, waiting.

One person waited and did not walk into my picture until I put the camera down from my eye.

I think they were being polite rather than objecting to being in a photo, but you never know.

Olympus mjuii, Fuji Superia X-TRA 400


3 thoughts on “Street Scene

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  2. I’ve found that sometimes people step out of my frame when I want them there, but sometimes somebody walks into the frame when I’m about to press the shutter on an awesome moment. We can’t have it all.


    • Hi Sabina – totally true. Unless they are paid models, we have no control! It balances out though, I did not need that person in my shot, there were others that came along. Its the ones that walk into a shot at the crucial moment that can be frustrating.

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