Eagle and Raven



Two bracelets by Haida artist Tom Greene Jr.

I made friends with Tommy while doing archaeology in Haida Gwaii.

He has since settled into making jewelry, truly excellent jewelry.

I don’t recall the occasion for the copper bracelet right now – perhaps just a gift for my partner after a longer field visit.

The silver was bought for our 30th wedding anniversary that was last month.

The copper is raven and silver is eagle. The two main clans, or moieties, of the Haida are raven and eagle, so it is a nice balance.

I blogged, with macro photos, about the copper bracelet when it was new – you can see the details here.

The phone did OK with this subject, though the reflections are a bit distracting.

I am in the field until mid-September, sometimes off grid but usually will be able to respond to comments and so on.

So, keep the comments coming!



Samsung S4 Phone




5 thoughts on “Eagle and Raven

  1. The rich colours of the copper came out better in the earlier post buts its hard to imagine the silver looking more radiant than in this one, with is warm copper reflections. I dont understand how you got the copper reflected on the silver like that unless the metal of the camera is acting like a mirror


    • Hi Val. There might be a bit of reflection from the phone which is white. More likely it is the warmth of the room lights. The copper colour is pretty much how it is now after being worn a lot. The previous post was when it was shiny new. I prefer the worn colour. The silver should not change though, if polished. Other than a few scratches from wear.


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