Fish Fingers


One of the great things about fieldwork this month is that it is located less than an hour from my daughter and her family.

They came to visit my first weekend here, and we went out for dinner in Heriot Bay.

My granddaughter had fish fingers. She wasn’t bothered by them.

To me the idea of fish with fingers is creepy, and to eat them downright appalling, but perhaps that is just me.




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8 thoughts on “Fish Fingers

  1. Beautiful face, and this photo makes me wonder what she is thinking about, she seems to be listening with a lot of attention, or perhaps she’s just busy with her own thoughts? Great photo that invites for so much interpretation.


    • Thank you galeriaredelius – it is a pensive look that she has. Knowing her, she might have been just tasting the food and comparing it to other sensory experiences.


    • Hi Melinda – that light was great. She had to turn her head just right, and not too quickly, for the light to fall that way. I took about 15 pictures with only 2 working like this. 2 year olds can be so active, even when sitting “still” eating!


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