Back to the sandscapes from Wells Cove on the west shore of Gwaii Haanas, Haida Gwaii.

See my earlier post Sandscape for more information.

Today I am back up to Haida Gwaii, and tomorrow I boat down into Gwaii Haanas for nearly two weeks of fieldwork.

This time we will be working on the protected shores of the north east part of Gwaii Haanas.

This is a totally different environment from that which we visited on the west side a couple of months ago.

As a consequence it had a much higher population density and the archaeological sites are much more frequent which will make the work interesting and busy.

I am in the field until mid-September and this time am completely off grid and unable to monitor comments and other activity around the blog. But I will be really happy to read your comments when I get back.



Canon PowerShot D30, 5-25mm f3.9-4.8



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