This  sandscape and others to follow in the next few days was shot on a wonderfully remote beach on the west coast of Gwaii Haanas in the SW edge of Haida Gwaii.

I was in the area for a week. It’s a privilege to get to these places.  We did not see another boat until we were leaving, but we saw dozens of humpback whales, albatrosses, puffins and so much more wildlife.

There were some nice beaches too – like this one in Wells Cove.

For this trip I bought a Canon Powershot D30 which is a pocket sized digital camera, waterproof to 25m and shockproof if dropped from 2m. I knew I did not want to always carry a DSLR due to weight and risk since the small boats delivering us to shore can often run rough and wet, especially in the conditions frequent in the area.

I quite like camera. It has effective image stabilization that more than compensates for the slowish lens. There is readily accessible exposure compensation which it seems to need quite often. It has a spot meter which can be really useful. Features like flash are controllable, the zoom range is adequate, optics seem very good and the resolution is pretty good. Battery life is adequate. Overall it is a totally adequate field camera. My DSLR became a go-to camera for specialized tasks and important subjects, this camera was for everyday documentation and up to the task.



Canon PowerShot D30, 5-25mm f3.9-4.8



11 thoughts on “Sandscape

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