This mini landscape with deer prints and dislodged Fucus was found in Wells Cove on the west shore of Gwaii Haanas along the SW edge of Haida Gwaii.

WordPress tells me this is my 1,500th blog post. In the next day or three I will have had my 200,000th views. And a few days after that I will pass my 4th anniversary of blogging daily.

Thanks everyone for sticking around these pages through thick and thin!

If you are viewing this on the full web site (and not WP’s watered down Reader version that does not even let me know I have had your view (hint), then try clicking on the View Random Post link right under the Instagram button on the lower right.

You could find a post you missed and wish you hadn’t, or an old friend from years gone by.

Especially if you click the random link more than once.

See my earlier post Sandscape for more information.



Canon PowerShot D30, 5-25mm f3.9-4.8



4 thoughts on “Printscape

  1. Congratulations on 1500 posts!. I never look at the”views” data because I’m inclined to use the Reader myself on occasion. You’re actual views could be very much higher.


    • I use it too sometimes. But if i decide to like something I try to visit the page – the views stats have been rendered meaningless by the changed reader. I recently got an ipad for work stuff and find I can’t even view the post properly from the reader as there is no link that allows it. My views are about 1/8th what they were a couple of years ago and my follers about x5. Hoes to show most of my views are from WP and not beyond.


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