Birthday Pairs

This is the other half of my birthday film which I posted earlier today.

52 rolls


This roll of 120 film dates from early August; I finally got it back, scanned commercially. It was shot with a Mamiya M645 Super and 80/2.8 lens using expired Ilford XP2 exposed at half box speed and the sunny 16 rule.

The entire roll was shot at a birthday party. For 52 rolls I have selected the photos that show pairs of people. The rest of the roll can be seen at my blog published at the same time as this one (titled At Peace, here).

I intended to crop some of these photographs when taking them and will when I make higher resolution scans. These commercial scans are pretty good (though they had a terrible amount of dust), but I think I can do better with my own scanner when I can get at it, and have the time.

This is Roll 35, but I believe we are in Week 43…

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