Pacific Horizon



Endless open ocean. Do not draw me outward. I hug the shore.

More from my trip to Haida Gwaii in June. Here’s looking at you, Japan.



I am back in Haida Gwaii for a week so there could be a bit of a lag in responding to comments.

Canon 5Dii, Canon EF 100/2.8 macro, f2.8, 1/8000th, -1/3 EV




5 thoughts on “Pacific Horizon

  1. Landlocked here in Missouri….photos of the ocean are endlessly fascinating and rather alien. Thank you for sharing your perspective.


    • Hi Sherry. I’m glad you are enjoying these. It’s an amazing place out there. I am on the sheltered inlets this visit. More like lakes other than some big tides – 24 feet.


    • Hi Val – that’s it exactly. It is odd to be somewhere that open ocean and land are in such direct proximity – there is almost no continental shelf here to ameliorate that contact.


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