Oxidizing Up and Down


Up Rust

Down Rust

Ocean’s Near


I’m not sure why that top shot is unsatisfying to me, but it is. There is something out of balance, or the lack of sharpness, or something. Feel free to tell me what it is, I just can’t put my finger on it.

Consolation prize, is the shot below, which is where those rusty stairs lead.





Samsung S4, ISO50, f2.2, Port Angeles




2 thoughts on “Oxidizing Up and Down

  1. Everything is leaning over to the right. This is unnerving in the case of stairs. Its not the picture which is unbalanced but the thought of stairs that might topple over sideways while you are going up or down them


    • Hi Val, I realised I forgot to reply. That lean was my first response too and I tried cropping it to correct, but lost too much of the image in the doing and it still did not seem any better. Perhaps that unbalanced feeling is appropriate for such a staircase which gets quite high and open on all sides.


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