Haida Gwaii Landscapes

The rest of today’s (http://wp.me/p1R4lY-7av) roll of film at 52Rolls – check it out, there are a dozen photos, not just the one that gets reblogged.

52 rolls

2015-7N-018 (22)

I recently posted a series of Haida Gwaii Seascapes taken during my boat based work in the south end of Haida Gwaii. These shots are from the north end taken during truck based work in the clear cuts around Masset Inlet, and a day off during that recent trip that I had to hang out with friends and visit North Beach which is east of Masset and Old Massett. All of these pictures are from North Beach in the areas of the Keyhole surfing location, and at Yakun, a small Haida settlement where a friend is about to renovate an incomplete structure on land he recently purchased. More from this roll, and this area, can be seen on my blog at North Beach, Haida Gwaii published simultaneously to this post.

I have been so lucky to have four trips to Haida Gwaii this year. For years I was on trip…

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