North Beach, Haida Gwaii


2015-7N-018 (15)


These photographs are part of a roll taken on North Beach east of Masset on Haida Gwaii. The rest of this roll is part of my 52Rolls project and published simultaneously to this one as Haida Gwaii Landscapes (at this link). It was badly colour shifted expired film which I have mostly converted to black and white to get the most out of the images.


2015-7N-018 (4)


2015-7N-018 (23)


Yakun sedges


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Canon Elan 7N with 50/1.4 lens; Black’s 400ISO colour print film (Fuji Superia?), commercially developed and scanned.


4 thoughts on “North Beach, Haida Gwaii

  1. LOVE this set, Ehpem, what a place!! You’d have a hard time tearing me away from that abandoned boat there, I think I could spend an entire weekend just shooting that!! Love this set, all you’ve managed to do is make us yearn even more for a chance to see this all in person. Great work, my friend.

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    • Thanks so much Toad. It is a truly amazing place. When you do make the trip, then there are some wonderful cabins that can be rented on this beach, just a bit to the east of this location. It is where I would stay if holidaying in the area.
      The boat slowly being consumed by a sand dune was wonderful, and luckily the colour of the old film was not too out of wack for these shots and it was not necessary to convert to black and white.


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