52 rolls 2016: Call for participants

For my Burntembers readers – here is the information for 2016 if any of you are interested in posting one “roll of film” a week. A roll could be a few polaroids, large format sheet film or some other version of “roll of film”. I have been having a lot of fun with the project in 2015, though at times it has been a stretch and at other times with fieldwork and so on, it has been impossible to post every week. Even so, I would recommend it highly to anyone that is interested in film photography.

52 rolls

52rollsIt’s that time of the year again where everyone starts thinking about the great things they want to do in 2016. If you’re still looking for a film photography project how about joining 52 rolls? It is always a fun project, albeit a challenging one, to shoot one roll of film (be it 35mm, 120, Polaroid, sheet film) a week and share the results with the rest of the community. The rules are as follows:

  1. Shoot one roll of film per week
  2. Upload the results some time
  3. Profit!

The rules have been kept intentionally simple and vague as shooting every week is challenging enough. So, you can define yourself what a roll is (and change it every week if you want to). I will for example shoot two sheets of 4×5 a week (more on that in a later post). And you’re also not required to upload the results within…

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2 thoughts on “52 rolls 2016: Call for participants

  1. I would love to, but in the cold and rainy winter months it is more difficult to shoot some photos (especially when you have a frigurator filled with 100-200 ISO film). It’s a bigger challenge. I am very content with one roll in a month!

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    • Hi Eva, thanks for commenting. You might try dropping this comment on the 52Rolls website and see what Urban has to say. In my case, there were long stretches where I could not post at all due to working off the grid. In those circumstances I just made up for lost time when I could. Perhaps you could aim for a 52Rolls year, and just post a bit until the light is better. Or, you could experiment with low-light slow-film techniques where you did not go for sharpness as much as movement and atmosphere.
      I thought I was shooting a roll every month or so in 2014 but when I counted them found it was 26, so I thought doubling that should not be an issue for this project. And indeed, I have sometimes posted shots from multiple rolls as if one and am probably already past 52 Rolls for this year. They do go quickly!


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