Gum Boot


Cryptochiton stelleri, otherwise know as the gumboot chiton due it being the size of the sole of a large boot – over a foot long.

And one wears gumboots on the beach, so that’s probably why it wasn’t called the hiking boot chiton, or the brogue chiton.

Or even the croc chiton, which would be kind of appropriate.

Except a pair of gumboot chitons worn in the mall would have more cachet than a pair of crocs.

Gowgaia Bay, Gwaii Haanas.



Canon PowerShot D30




5 thoughts on “Gum Boot

    • Thank Sherry – that is a great idea. You could turn them over and encourage them to stick to your feet with suction, and perhaps secure them with a bull kelp binding. It would work! The shell plates in the dorsal surface are quite thick would help provide protection and traction.


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